TCP resignation

The recognized TCP centers wishing to resignation their status of TCP center and / or resignation of one or more product approvated statuses are required to complete the Recognized Center Discharge Form contained at
All resignation of the recognized TCP centers are subject to screening and checks to see if there are any outstanding students. In all these cases we will consider resignations in accordance with our risk management process and only after Students have completed the ongoing training process. This will allow us to establish the right controls, guide any notifications or regulatory escalations to protect the interest of students.

The implementation of any recognized TCP center discharge plans and student transfers to other nearby recognized TCP centers are constantly monitored to ensure that students' interests are protected as the top priority. All recognized TCP centers requesting withdrawal after a two year downtime will be charged € 200 in administration fees. Those who revoke their status before the deadline are not charged any amount. Recognized TCP centers that have students enrolled and resign, are charged the administrative costs of managing the transfer of students - € 20 each student - in addition to any documented costs incurred by the Student or that will be compensated by us.