TCP obtaining renewals

The recognized TCP status is granted based on the user's ability and ability to comply with the conditions of the center recognized by U.P.K.L.
Legal, binding, written and enforceable agreements are confirmed during the application stages.

It is necessary to renew the agreement every year. We conduct an annual profiling activity that leads to the renewal or withdrawal of the status of a recognized TCP center based on the behavior and actions of each center during the annual cycle.

We will carry out the profiling activity within one month from the anniversary of the confirmation of the status of the TCP centers recognized each year. We consider all the information we have collected during the annual cycle and will report the results in the annual renewal form of the recognized center of the U.P.K.L. We will send you the form via the system. It is necessary to review the results and confirm your continued commitment to the Conditions of the TCP center recognized by U.P.K.L.

Scenarios where status will not be renewed will be associated with performance downtime, poor compliance, or risks that cannot be controlled. Alternatively, a recognized Training Center Partner (TCP) may choose to revoke their status. In both circumstances, it remains the legal responsibility of the recognized Training Center Partner (TCP) to continue to support all registered students for the duration of the registration period and in the event of an appeal. Otherwise, legal action will be taken.

We do not charge for TCP center recognition status or an annual renewal fee. We have an annual reconciliation fee for those TCP centers that do not meet our minimum spend annually. This serves to protect our financial sustainability and protects the interests of all students. All recognized TCP centers requesting withdrawal after a two year downtime will be charged £ 200 in administration fees. Those who revoke their status before this time will not be charged.

In all cases, the recognized TCP center is required to return the approved center's annual renewal form via the U.P.K.L. within 20 working days of receipt, failure to deliver after the warning deadline will initiate legal action to protect the image of the system. Upon receipt, we will confirm the results within five business days by closing the form and receiving an automated notification.