What's a TCP

How UPKL operates

The recognized TCP Centers are expert training providers that we approve and awarding for the delivery of our products. Our products consist of relevant qualifications, learning experiences and recognition schemes.
We will guarantee the status of a recognized Center based on their operational capacity required to meet the recognition criteria for Training Center Partners (TCP). These are inclusive of the product approval criteria stated in each product specification. The status of recognition cannot be achieved without requiring approval for the delivery of at least one product.
To achieve recognized Training Center Partner (TCP) status, you must identify the product you wish to offer and then apply for product recognition and approval through our fair, impartial and robust process. When the status is granted, you must comply with the Conditions of the recognize TCP center in the management of your organization and in the delivery of all products that you are authorized to offer.
We are committed to excellence and have created a center compliance reward system.
This means that we do not charge for center recognition or product approval and apply fees based on risk-based monitoring results when non-compliance and performance risks are detected. If you are an experienced education provider operating in our industries, please make an inquiry.
U.P.K.L. provides the www.sport-education.eu portal designed to provide recognized TCP centers and students and Teachers with the tools necessary to create a positive experience.
Our mandatory criteria, conditions, processes and services are communicated clearly and transparently.
Each potential Center wishing to apply for the activities, each recognized TCP, each Student and Teachers or User is able at any time to request clarifications, report actions contrary to published regulations or laws so that U.P.K.L. can adopts the necessary measures to resolve and / or mitigate the effects of the adverse event.