Student compliance

We are committed to ethical practice and comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Failure to comply with laws, regulations and our policy is considered non-compliant; classified as negligence or maladministration under the circumstances. Definitions and scenarios of student malpractice and maladministration may include:
• To cheat
• Plagiarism
• Collusion
• imitation
• Disruptive behavior
• Aggressive behavior
• Bullying or inappropriate comments
• Inappropriate, offensive or obscene material or language
• Produce an inauthentic evaluation
• Hinder or harm the work of others
• Uncooperative and cooperative behavior
• Human Rights contrasting behavior
We expect all students and any other third parties to disclose any suspicions of negligence and mismanagement as soon as this is detected. In all cases, we will record the matter and supervise the investigation.
Upon receipt, the matter will then be referred to the Strategic Management Committee to handle the investigation in accordance with UPKL's Investigation Policy, which can be identified in the Policies section of this website. All involved will be notified of the situation within five working days from receipt of any allegations with timelines for investigation. Updates or results will be communicated every 20 working days. In all cases, we will take action proportionate to the offense and notify the relevant authorities, as appropriate.